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Annals of Business Administrative Science, Vol.7発行!!



Annals of Business Administrative Science, Vol.7が発行されました。




Fukuzawa, M.

"A generation-selection process of product architecture: A case of

development of the firmware in digital MFP"



  In this article, we focus on the firmware development process that

has recently become larger and more complex in the context of

digitalization. From a case study involving the development of the

firmware for a digital multifunction peripheral (MFP), the firmware 

architecture have changed alongside the change in organizational

structure. As a result, some suggestions are made for the generation

and selection process of a product architecture suitable for

multi-functionalization, as well as for the ideal form of

interdepartmental coordination in an organization. Moreover, the

limits of the existing arguments about the development of product

architecture are revealed and a new viewpoint is proposed to

investigate the dynamics of product architecture.


  Keywords: product architecture, firmware, digitalization,

multi-functionalization, interdepartmental coordination, digital MFP


Katsumata, S.

"Estimating individual preferences in the music CD market"



  This research proposes a model to analyze individual customer

preferences using purchase records such as Point-of-Sales (POS) data.

To some extent, we can identify the interests of customers from their

demographics. Consumers are, however, essentially heterogeneous. It is

difficult to determine individual customer behavior in detail through

aggregate-level estimation. In this paper, we use a Markov chain Monte

Carlo (MCMC) method to construct a hierarchical model for tackling

this problem. The model encompasses both “commonality” and

heterogeneity.” We apply this MCMC method to the music CD market,

where customers have some commonalities although they are heterogeneous.

This empirical analysis shows that a hierarchical Bayes (HB) model has

a high predictive performance as compared to the naive forecasting and

aggregate-level models.


  Keywords: customer relationship management, customer heterogeneity,

hierarchical Bayes model


Wi, Jong H.

"Management of an online game development project"



  This paper discusses a case study of the project management of

online content, namely, an online game. For the analysis, the paper

presents the patterns of management approach adopted by analyzing a

successful case of the development of an online game called

FreeStyle,” created by JC Entertainment (JCE). The analysis results

reveal that two variables, namely, the CEO’s indirect management of

the development team and the strong intrinsic teamwork among the

development team members, influenced the developers’ performance.

Finally, the paper illustrates four patterns based on the two

aforementioned variables. The pattern of the development project moved

from “direct management-low intrinsic teamwork” to “indirect

management-high intrinsic teamwork.” Due to the pattern change, JCE

achieved a high development performance.


  Keywords: online games, project management, indirect management,

intrinsic teamwork



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