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ABAS is also included in DOAJ, EBSCOhost, ProQuest, CrossRef, and J-STAGE.

About ABAS: Annals of Business Administrative Science

ABAS introduces the Crossref Similarity Check.

ABAS is an English-language, open-access online journal that communicates the results of business research conducted in Japan to overseas researchers. It is of course a refereed journal. ABAS is the first Japanese business studies journal to be archived on the international DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals), EBSCOhost, and ProQuest research databases. ABAS was founded in 2002, and is published by GBRC, a non-profit organization established primarily by interested members of the teaching staff of Department of Management, Graduate School of Economics of the University of Tokyo.

Ten years after its foundation, ABAS was re-launched from Volume 11 in a new form. The new version was clearly distinguished from conventional national and international social science journals, adopting a completely new and different "ABAS style" to publish distinctive, stylish papers in the aim of becoming a frequently cited journal. This is the ABAS editorial policy.

What is ABAS style?

  1. Each paper focuses on a single theory, data set, and concept, with a clear and simple theme.
  2. The paperfs title and abstract are explanatory, enabling readers to immediately understand its theme and assertions.
  3. Each paper is compact, aiming for a length of 10-15 pages so that it can be read in a single sitting.
  4. English is used as a common global language, and the language is simple enough to be readily understood by non-native readers of English.
  5. Advanced mathematical or statistical methods are not used.
ABAS places particular emphasis on the following three types of paper, which have been neglected by conventional journals, but which readers wish to read:
  1. Technical notes: Clarifying mistakes and problems in existing research.
  2. Fact-finding reports: Setting out interesting facts obtained from research data.
  3. Conceptual papers: Introducing and explaining interesting conceptual models developed either by the author or others.

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ABAS is also included in DOAJ, EBSCOhost, ProQuest, CrossRef, and J-STAGE.